Alexandr LaFonte

(Alexandr Borecky) was born in Southern part of Czech Republic and was raised in Prague. His mother is a lawyer and businesswoman and his father a entrepreneur. He is the first one in family to pursue career in acting. After few school productions he moved to Atlanta at the age of 17 where he first encountered musical theatre and decided to pursue acting in future. After graduating high school, he decided to take a year off and started working. He started of as a administrative assistant at his mother’s company and work his way up to a Creative Consultant. He also freelanced as a graphic and web designer. Later that year, he started studying at Charles University and took extra credit classes of theatrical improvisation classes. That’s where ha was offered to study at Prague Conservatory of Acting which he eventually refused and continued at Charles University. He left this the university three years later and decided to dedicate his life to acting. He started a proper theatrical training and is still improving his skills whenever he can. During the first stage of the training he was able to take part in few theatrical productions in Prague which made him think about switching to “in front of camera” acting which is what he’s working on constantly.